About Us

Workhorse is inspired by the idea that art, interior design, property development, and community work together as a profitable economic partnership; a shared vision and collaboration that will generate sustained creative and economic fulfillment.​

Peter Souza

Founding Partner

Peter has an extensive design, build, and property management background specializing in restoration and historic preservation. Peter is a principal of J Schatz, a ceramic studio.

Jim Schatz

Founding Partner

Jim has an extensive creative design and marketing background with a emphasis in fine art and creative installation. Jim is a principal and founder of J Schatz.



What We Do

We bring people together to create and inspire communities.

We support arts, culture, and diversity.

We design live/work spaces, residential buildings, private residences, restaurants, and hotels.

We design and produce ceramics, furniture, and objects.


Greet absurdity with greatness.
— Peter & Jim